Real Story : “भाई, हमें थोड़ा बचा-कूचा खाना दे दो.”

This story is english. Hence hope we will be able to see more shares and good response on this heart paining story and will get good support from all of you.

One of our friend met this neglected and extremely poor family. He had just finished a lavish lunch (with food wastage) and saw them outside the restaurant. They were estranged, messed up and hungry. His heart cried and so he opted to offer them something. He noticed that they were barefoot and so, he bought them footwear.
On discussion, he came to know that they were farmers. Unfortunately, the situation of farmers in our country is very horrible. They wanted food and the father said "भाई, हमें थोड़ा बचा-कूचा खाना दे दो.”
They were asking for leftover food???!!! Yes they were farmers who lost their all farmings and now forces to beg. Let see how our friend helped

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Those who grow food have nothing to eat. And, after that day I promised myself never-ever to waste food on my plate. This is what I can do at least to respect the farmer dignity. God is everywhere and so it's in food. I learned one of the biggest lessons of my life the life – LOVE FOOD HATE WASTAGE!

Source: The Human Jigsaw Project

This is real and similar kind of people we all are coming across in our life. Never stop your heart in helping them. We have enough food, water to serve ourself hence we are not thinking of these poor families. Just step out and help them with your small contribution either by giving them bottle of water, chips packets left, food you don't like to eat etc and also encourage your near by friends to help them.

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